'So what do you do with your profits if you're a non-profit?'

'So what do you do with your profits if you're a non-profit?'

We get asked this question so much and every every time we say we are a non-profit, people ask what our 'cause' is. 

We haven't got a set, specific cause other than the wellbeing of our local community, overall social justice, positive action for the planet and emergency response for vulnerable people: locally and worldwide. We also don't have a vast amount of profit but 100% of what we do have, we plan and use carefully for awesome causes. ⁠

Profit Transparency

We like to be as transparent as we can with our community members - both those supporting the shop and those who the shop does a little to support. Here's just a couple of things we did with our 2021-22 profits: 

1. Donated money to the Black Curriculum, a social enterprise founded in 2019 by Lavinya Stennett to address the lack of Black British History in the UK curriculum.

2. Donated money to Refugee Support Europe, a group who have set up 'Dignity Shops' for refugees where they can access basic necessities for free. 

3. Ran 8 free creative workshops for members of marginalised communities around both shops, and for members of inHope, a charity providing support, shelter and aid to people experiencing homelessness in Bristol. 

4. We provide start-ups, charities and small businesses access to our workshop and exhibition space, charging only for the expenses we incur via hosting, and not gaining any profit. 

5. Ran a business community portrait exhibition, exploring the diversity of independent shops and business owners of Old Market, which we displayed in our exhibition space for three months. 

& that's it! Whoopie! We're so excited for 2022-23, and discovering what wonderful projects we can support in the new business year. Thank you for your support of our shop - we are only able to run these projects because of your generosity.