Oak Lamp

Oak Lamp

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By Priormade

Made using reclaimed solid oak, this lamp adds a richness to any room. 

The geometric faucets highlight the beautiful natural grains of the wood. 

Height of base and fitting: 9cm x 27cm  
Cable length to plug: 170 cm

Lighting components

  • Light Fitting is a Bayonet BC/B22. We recommend using an LED bulb to save energy. 
  • All lighting components have Product Certification (CE) and are from a LIAQA assured company
  • Each Cable has a UK three pronged plug, is earthed and the cable is double insulated. 
  • This lamp has a safety switch: you can only switch this lamp on when it has a bulb connected. The push bar will turn the lamp to the off position as soon as the bulb is removed. 

Priormade creates contemporary homewares, lighting and accessories using a range of sustainable, low impact and recycled materials. Attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship and responsible fabrication is at the forefront of every design.

All products are individually handmade in the Priormade workshop (Bristol UK) with only a set amount being available each year. There is no waste created during the making process as all off cuts are used to create key rings, magnets and jewellery, or donated to a ‘reusable waste’ charity.