Something From The Turnery Vases Pair Of Spalted Beech Bud Vases

Pair Of Spalted Beech Bud Vases

Something From The Turnery
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A beautiful pair of bud vases that brings a little brightness to your working from home space or for that previously overlooked shelf.

A pair of dried flower bud vases hand turned on the lathe from spalted beech. Spalting is the beautiful natural process that occurs when the tree is under stress from outside influences and recovers to leave behind a unique signature design of its own. Finished with 100% natural hemp oil grown here in the UK and a little ethically sourced beeswax. 

Materials : Spalted Beech, Organic Hemp Oil, Ethically Sourced Beeswax

Size : 18cm x 6cm & 12cm x 6cm approx