Cocoon - Rachael Smith

Cocoon - Rachael Smith

Cocoon  Cocoon - Rachael Smith

Cocoon was started in 2020 by designer/maker Rachael Smith as a response to the outbreak of Covid 19 which affected her industry dramatically. As a trained set and costume designer she has a lot of experience but has long been frustrated with how wasteful the theatre industry can be, starting fresh Rachael knew she wanted to work in a more eco-conscious way and with a process that had less negative environmental impact.

From its conception Cocoon has made careful choices to design a sustainable, comfortable and effective range of accessories and homewares. The environmental impact and traceability of every element of production has been thoroughly thought through and considered, from the Tencel thread which has been made from sustainably sourced wood pulp, to the recycled brown paper and paper tape used in packaging.

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