Event Space for Hire

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A large event space for hire in Bristol City Centre. This ground floor white wall, gallery and event space is perfect for your own pop-up shop, project, launch, workshop, performance, talk, or exhibition. 

This light and spacious event space is situated at the back of our Cabot Circus store. The location boasts a high passing footfall with lots of visitors from outside of Bristol, as well as members of the local community. Being an accessible multi-use space, we are the new 'go to' venue for promotional launches and networking events, as well as creative events, including performance, art, theatre, music, yoga, meditation and dance, and of course, workshops and exhibitions. 

 Image of 5 art pieces framed on a white walled gallery space. A women address a seated crowd.

Image of a city centre events space with seated audience 

Exhibitions & Events

This city centre location is Bristol’s newest exhibition space, sporting high ceilings and clean, white painted walls. We have tables and comfortable chairs for up to 30 people for a workshop hire, and we have a projector and space for 70 chairs if the space is hired for a launch, presentation or talk. Our event space can also be hired by artists who would like to exhibit 2D and wall-based artwork, and for micro to large organisations who wish to host an event. 

The exhibition space is a multi-use room that is used for workshops on Thursday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. It is open to the public during the opening hours of the shop and can be opened specifically for your out-of-hours event. 

Please read the Venue Hire document below and then our Terms and Conditions document. 

PRIOR-SHOP- EVENTS-hire-document- 2022 by Prior Team
EVENT PRIOR-SHOP-T&C's-2023 by Prior Team


Please note - we restrict multiple day bookings during November and December as it's our busiest time for sales. During this time we turn our event space into a second retail area with lots of festive workshops. 


The space is only separated from the retail space with half a  partition wall so noise from the shop will be heard. Sensitive and confidential events are not suitable for the space during opening hours. 

Summary of our Exhibition and Event Space

Prices For The Whole Space Hire

£25 incl VAT per hour - During shop opening hours  (10am - 6pm)

£40 incl VAT per hour  - Evening hire / Private view (6pm - 9pm)  - this higher price is because we would have to pay for additional staff and electricity costs to open out of hours

£180 incl VAT per day (10am - 6pm)

£300 incl VAT - 5 days

£400 incl VAT  - 7 days

£700 incl VAT  - 14 days 

£1000 incl VAT - 21 days (maximum hire duration)

*We heavily restrict the hire of the space in November and December.

Discretionary Relief and Smaller Space Hire

We offer a very small discount for startups, students, charities and youth groups.

If you have a low income and have a body of work to exhibit, please get in touch as we'll see what we can do to help. This is dependent on our finances too.  

We can also hire out smaller areas of our event space at a lower price. We can offer a small area for a mini pop-up shop behind the partition wall: 270cm x 300cm, or the long wall space on the right hand side: 810cm x 160cm This is dependent on other bookings and events. Please email us to discuss prices and availability. 

Terms and Conditions Summary

This is a short summary. Please read the full terms in the document above.

The individual or organisation who has hired the space is responsible for the installing, hanging and the ‘making good’ of the walls and floor after the hire period.

The Artist is invited to use a desk/area for the duration of the hire period to work from, invigilate their exhibition and take commission-free sales via their own payment devices. 

If you would like us to sell your work when you are not invigilating, we will take 30% of the sale. 

The space must be left in the same condition it was given, it must be clean and ready for the next show to be installed.

Walls not to be painted other than white. 


We do not provide parking but there are numerous car parks in the area. We have a drop-off area where you can pull up in your vehicle to unload before you park elsewhere. We have a trolly to help you with heavy work. More details will be sent with your booking confirmation including the location of the drop off point, the closest car parks and our favourite indie place to grab lunch!  


Toilets are situated upstairs and are fully accessible via a service lift. 

There is a small kitchenette upstairs which you can use to make hot drinks or prepare your lunch while you are installing, invigilating or taking down your show.

For events, we have 30 glasses and 15 mugs for event participants. 

If you require specialist catering equipment please let us know and we will see what we can arrange. 


Furniture and equipment

10 fold-out 6ft tables if required

30 padded restaurant chairs and can arrange hire of a further 50 folding chairs.

Laptop, projector and speakers for music. We do not have a multi channel amp or any microphones. 


Opening times

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Thursday: 10am - 6pm

Sunday: 11am - 5pm

*We can open for special evening events


We help you promote your event on our social media channels (12K followers on Instagram and 984 on Facebook), in our newsletters and exterior and interior notice boards. Cabot Circus and Broadmead social media channels also share our event schedule with their followers.  We can create event listings on Facebook and Google (if you haven't). We also list all events on our website and with external sources: Visit Bristol, Head First, Eventbrite, etc. 


Please make sure you have a read both information documents above (Venue Hire and T&C's). We recommend you view our WHAT'S ON timetable to see the slots we have available. 

If you would like to hire our Bristol events space, please enquire via the form below.

Image of Prior Shop event space. Oak round tables with chairs and a white walled gallery space with photography portraits.


Call us on 0117 929 0712

Bookings and Hire bookings@priorshop.uk

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