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Prior Shop offers a large event space that is available for hire. The event space is available for workshops, exhibitions, artists in resident and ‘hot desking’. We try to keep the cost of hiring our venue is as low as possible to enable artists and facilitators who are at all stages of their career, the opportunity to use a prime central event space.

We are looking for workshop hosts to run sessions in Art, Design, Craft, Wellbeing and Mentoring. We want our workshop programme to cover activities for all ages and abilities. We want to empower all people to learn new skills, connect with new people, build relationships and foster self esteem. 

We want you (our workshop host) to feel excited to apply and particularly welcome hosts with diverse and/or working-class backgrounds as these people are currently underrepresented in the arts industry.


£54 including VAT to hire for 4 hours  (£13.50 including VAT per hour)

Our event space can comfortably sit 30 people on large, padded restaurant chairs and round oak tables (3 – 4 people per table).

*Due to Covid, we are currently restricting the workshop numbers to 15. This is to reduce the risk to you, your participants and our staff.

We offer 4 workshop slots per week that must fall in the below scheduled time blocks. The facilitator can decide the start and end time of the workshop but please note, the workshop must be set up and the area cleared within these times:

·      Thursday evenings 5pm – 9pm (4 hours including set up and pack down)

·      Saturdays 10am – 2pm and 2pm – 6pm  (4 hours including set up and pack down)

·      Sundays 11am – 5pm (any 4 hour block including set up and pack down)

Each block costs £54 including VAT to hire for 4 hours  (£13.50 including VAT per hour)

If you would like to book longer on a Saturday or your start/end time straddles two time blocks, then the whole day can be booked for a reduced rate of £96 (including VAT).  *Please note: You have to fill out the form twice for full day saturday bookings. 

On a Sunday, your block can start and finish anytime between 11am - 5pm. If you use the space for more than the 4 hour block, you will be invoiced for another £20. 

On a Thursday the workshop area must be cleared by 9pm when we lock up the building. 

We help you promote the workshops via our social media and newsletters. We advertise it on our external a-boards and workshop timetable both in the shop and online. We ask Cabot Circus and Bristol Shopping Quarter social channels to advertise it too.

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