Jewellery does many things - colourful statement earrings make an outfit, minimal eco-silver bracelets become treasured keepsakes, ethically sourced rose gold rings make cherished gifts. Working with jewellers, designers and artisans based both in the UK and globally, here at Prior we think we've got it all just about covered.

Innovative materials and traditional skills are combined to create pieces that range from contemporary to classic, from fun to haute. You can find lightweight paper statement earrings made by female artisans permanently employed in Swaziland to unisex recycled gold ondulé bangles made by hand in Scotland. Egg shells are repurposed into brooches and eco-resin used in contemporary construction is reimagined as delicate pendants.

We are proud to stock only jewellery that passes our ethics and sustainability checks using materials sourced responsibly and processes that minimise waste.