Product Photography Studio For Hire in Bristol City Centre

Our table top photographic studio is the perfect place for product photography, we have everything you need to capture high quality and professional imagery of your work. All the information about the space and equipment is below but please do get in touch if you have any questions. 


  • Trestle table: 140cm x 60cm. We have a solid trestle table with a birch veneer top (natural light wood finish), the trestle legs are white. The height is adjustable and is easy to move if needed.
  • 2 x Luxlight multilight studio lights with 3300 Lumen LED bulbs (4 in each) and softboxes (60cm x 80cm). These lights are adjustable for flat lay, lifestyle and product photography. 
  • Plain white wall and A3 card in a variety of colours.
  • White lining paper for infinity curve shots
  • A small selection of wooden props painted white: various cube sizes and round shapes. 
  • Please note: we do not provide cameras, large backdrops or any other props. 
  • Our 'top tips' document to help you take professional photographs. 



The space is above our city centre shop and is fully accessible by stairs or lift. The lift is a service lift so is perfect for bringing any large or heavy items you may want to bring in. 

The studio space itself is approximately 300cm  x 300cm and has plenty of room for any extra backdrops or furniture you might want to bring with you.

There are no windows or natural light in the studio but this doesn't affect the photoshoot as the studio lights are very powerful. 

We have a small kitchenette which you can also use for hot drinks and lunch prep. There are also tables and chairs for you to sit and enjoy your break at.

The wifi signal can be quite poor in the actual photography studio but its super fast downstairs, there are tables and chairs downstairs where you can sit and do any jobs that require wifi. 

The space is yours for the duration of the hire but as the toilet and kitchenette are in this part of the building, staff will be using the room occasionally throughout the day. The room is also divided and the half that isn't the photography studio and kitchen, is home to a local Florist who may be creating her bunches and installations.  This will not cause any disruption to your work. 




The space is available to hire and is open Mon - Wed. 

Full Day: (10am - 6pm) £100 + VAT (£120)
Half Day: (10am - 1pm / 2pm - 5pm) £60 + VAT (£72)

Timing: The space is open from 10am to 6pm, please arrive at or after 10am and have the space cleared by 6pm. 

Parking: We do not provide parking but there are numerous car parks in the area. We have a drop off area where you can pull up in your vehicle to unload any props or backdrops before you park up elsewhere. We have a trolly to help you do this. 

More details will be sent with your booking confirmation including the location of the drop off point, the closest car parks and our favorite indie place to grab lunch! 

 Please contact Laura : for more information and to find out availability  


Call us on 0117 929 0712

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