Our Prior Rewards

We have launched our Prior Rewards scheme.

Think of it like an eco, small biz Tesco Club Card - the more you spend, the more discounts you receive. So if you're a Prior Shop regular, make sure you create an account to ensure you don't miss out.

How to EARN stars

Every time you spend £1 you will receive 3 stars

When you sign up you will receive 200 stars

If you start following us on Instagram and Facebook you get 50 stars for each platform.

If you share our Facebook page (on Facebook) you get 50 stars

If you enter your birth date within your account, we'll send you 200 stars on your birthday 🎉

If you refer a friend they will get a £5 off voucher and you'll get 50 stars when they use it!

How to REDEEM stars

100 stars is equivalent to £1

So if you sign up and purchase something for £50 in the shop, you get 150 stars for your purchase and 200 stars for signing up which results as £3.50 that you can use on your next purchase. It doesn't seem like much but £3.50 gets you free postage, a gift card or a free keyring! When you share your referral link and follow us on social media, think of all the stars you could earn.

How to sign up

While you're reading this you will see a little REWARDS icon in the bottom right of your screen. it should be a grey/blue colour. Click on that and enter your details. Once you're logged in, within this little widget you can see all the ways you can earn stars and find your unique refer friend link. It's here you can also add your birthday and see how many stars you have. You can also see your whole purchasing history.


How to use your stars

To redeem your stars on our online shop

Sign in to the rewards widget at the bottom right of the screen. It will tell your what rewards you have available to use. Click on the one you wish to redeem and a little code will come up. You can click apply code and it will be added to the checkout.

To redeem your stars in one of our physical shops

Let the till staff know you have a rewards account with us. We will enter your email before the sale so that not only do you earn points with the sale, you will also be given the option to redeem any stars too!


When you sign up to our rewards scheme, you also automatically get signed up to our bi-weekly newsletter - and in each newsletter, you get an extra special 10% off code too! Dreamy. 






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