Old Faithful - Gareth

Old Faithful - Gareth


Old Faithful provides natural, organic skincare & wellbeing products for men & women.

Run by Gareth who develops and creates all of the Old Faithful products, Gareth is a qualified aromatherapist based in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. His products are made from organic oils, butters, essential oils & herbal extracts procured from highly ethical suppliers who also support small artisan producers. He uses unrefined botanical ingredients which suffer minimum processing, thus maintaining their maximum therapeutic plant properties. This is kinder to the environment and produces a more beneficial natural ingredient and product for you.

He is inspired and driven by nature and how everything we really need is provided for us within our ecosystem. He believes we are born out of this world rather than into it, like a leaf from a tree or a flower from a plant. He loves working with all the natural materials, they all bring different things to the table. It’s the understanding of these materials and combining them to create beautiful products for people that Gareth enjoys the most.


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