Black Lives Matter

Thank you for being here.

Injustice and oppression is inflicted on people of colour overtly and covertly in the UK and the rest of the world. Sadly most white people (including me) are blinkered to the systemic and institutional racism that threads our societies. We personally make judgments unknowingly,  based on what we've learned. We have to realise that we've been taught the wrong things. 

I believe that Black British history needs to be taught in schools. Please see and support The Black Curriculum 

Some Anti Racism accounts and educators that I personally feel should be followed and listened to are: Renie Eddo-Lodge , Monique Melton , Layla F Saad , Afua Hirsch , Munroe Bergdorf, Ijeoma Oluo , Mireille Cassandra Harper, Aja Barber , Mireille Cassandra Harper, and Sancho's  (to name only a few)

The resources via the link below include books to read your children, books to read yourself, articles and and podcasts, videos and films, organisations to follow and other anti-racism resources.

If you are purchasing from our online shop, please consider donating to one of the charities or funds who are  supporting BLM. Please also consider signing a petition. A quick google search will provide you with many but below is a link to direct you further.