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Bric Company - Bianca Ward


Bric Company® Reusable Lunch Bags Are Geared Towards Adventure And Practicality, They Are Machine Washable And Come With Waterproof Linings Or Cotton Wraps. With Every Bag Sold A Tree Is Planted With Just One Tree

Bianca's past is rooted in textiles. From a keen interest that began at school with collecting old bits of fabric to later going on to study Textile Design at University then a career that followed as a Costumier. 'My favourite thing to do is to look into the history behind objects, whether that's costumes in old paintings or weathered scraps of materials that tell a story through their creases and crumples. I started bric because of a programme I heard on the radio about the history of the Furoshiki. ' (Japanese wrapping cloths)

Bric Company grew out of a need to make Sustainable Lunch Bags/wrapping cloths that can be used again and again, are made by hand to a high quality, can be loved for their design, colour and practicality and encourage us to value the things we own and spend time in nature/outdoors. For every product sold a tree is planted.


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