Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad - Emma Gorton-Ellicott

Fruit Salad Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad is a slow fashion and lifestyle brand founded by Emma Gorton-Ellicott, who creates fun and colourful streetwear pieces, accessories and homewares.

With an aim to become as sustainable as possible the Fruit Salad Rework collection is handmade and repurposed entirely from pre-loved clothing, homewares and end of line fabrics. The sustainable and reusable face pads from this range are available at Prior Shop. 

To reduce waste and over production, whilst supporting other indie businesses, printers and embroiderers, all Fruit Salad production happens locally in Bristol on small production runs. 

Emma is a Mum of three, a journalist and blogger, who promotes sustainability, indie creatives and slow fashion ethics. She is also a radio presenter/DJ and has many other side hustles, as well as running Fruit salad and working a day job!

'I am a multi-disciplinary creative meaning I have my fingers in all the pies! My dream is to become a full time creative and develop Fruit Salad to promote slow fashion and a sustainable lifestyle, whilst proving that you don’t have to change your fun and creative aesthetic to become sustainable.'

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