Honest Weaves - Hilda Allen

Honest Weaves - Hilda Allen


Introducing Hilda from Honest Weaves. With over ten years in the creative Industry, working as an Interior Designer and later a Graphic designer, Hilda ached to use her hands and get away from the computer screen.

She feels she is heavily influenced by her parents and growing up in Ireland. Her Mum was a necessity maker while her Dad was, and still is, a traditional maker at heart, always using his hands to figure things out. They always had wool in their home and her Mum used to spend evenings making jumpers on her knitting machine. (Hilda can still remember the sound and smell of it.) 

After her sons were born, Hilda dove into weaving. Starting on a small lap loom to work on in bed while the kids slept, then onto a rigid heddle loom and now onto a four shaft loom. She loves figuring out what colours work together, what she is seeing around her and working out the pattern. It's lovely getting lost in the back and forth of the weaving.

Hilda brings transparency to everything she makes, with each product she details where all its ingredients are from. She would like to cause the least harm as she can with her products. All the wool is mainly sourced from one of the only Woollen Mills left in England. Hilda uses wool as wool is planet friendly, naturally resourced, renewable, easily recycled and biodegrades without any harm to the planet. She aims to produce original, quality products designed to be treasured."

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