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Meet Rhi, the maker / designer behind Lima Lima. Rhi founded Lima Lima in 2017 while she was living in Bristol, she has since moved to Swansea where she creates everything herself by hand in her home studio.

Rhi creates modern, mindful pieces from predominantly Ecosilver & brass. Lima in latin translates to 'file, polish, revision' and perfectly encapsulates the basic process that sits at the heart of everything that happens at Lima Lima HQ! Rhi’s favourite material to work with is probably ecosilver despite being more of a brass wearing jewellery gal, due to the lovely malleable nature of silver. She draws inspiration from a wide range of sources from art to architecture, interior design to sculpture, where her aim is to create minimalist yet interesting pieces that transcend throwaway trends in favour of timeless, delicate designs that can be worn time and time again. Each piece also comes with a jewellery care card and a pro polish pad to help you maintain and treasure each piece for years to come.


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