May Hofman - Rosie

May Hofman - Rosie

May Hoffman - Gold Triangle Drop Hoop Earrings  May Hoffmann

Rosie has always been drawn to the details and intricacies of loved items and things found in the natural world. She has always wanted to take a closer look - whether that was the necklace on her mothers neck or the various ornaments belonging to her grandparents. Growing up in the countryside Rosie spent her childhood in nature, building dens and hideaways, collecting shells, leaf skeletons and seeds, adding to and growing Rosie’s love for all things small, beautiful and intricate.  

Rosie studied HND Jewellery Design and Silversmithing & BA Design For Industry at Birmingham School of Jewellery. Since then her work has been recognised for multiple awards and achievements. 

Based in Stroud and working from her home studio Rosie’s collections are imagined, designed and made using a variety of methods. Initially ideas are sketched and then formed using a combination of traditional craftsmanship alongside modern techniques like 3D design and casting. Blending these practices gives a unique finished piece that marries both ancient and modern qualities together. 


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