Naked Clay Ceramics - Carla

Naked Clay Ceramics - Carla

Naked Clay Ceramics - Small Bowl Naked Clay Ceramics - Karla

Functional tableware and homeware inspired by the natural colours and texture of earth. Naked clay ceramics is a celebration of quiet, tactile and minimal pieces that are both functional and incredibly beautiful to touch and use. 

Using a combination of black stoneware and white porcelain everything is made by hand using traditional hand building and slip casting processes. Each item is fired in the Kiln and comes out with its own unique story, not conforming to the symmetrical perfection and uniformity found in factory made production lines. 

Carla leaves the outside of her pieces unglazed so that the natural, fired clay can be felt and appreciated. The insides are glazed so the pieces can withstand practical everyday use and care. 

Working in batches a few times a year these pieces are crafted with care and intention.


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