Paly Glass - Nicki James

Paly Glass - Nicki James


Nikki James is the designer, maker and person behind the brand Paly glass, a local business specialising in pressed flower frames and glass ornaments, light catchers, mirrors and rainbow makers.

Nikki first came across this kind of craft when she found a glass terrarium at a car boot sale, she fell in love with it and it sparked an idea in her. She learned some methods including copper foiling, soldering and some basics about working with glass. She then set up a little studio at home and started designing her first pieces. Every piece of glass is hand cut and assembled using a variety of methods, because of this process everything is finished to an incredibly high standard, each piece is individually inspected before leaving the studio. 

Incorporating pressed flowers into her work adds to the uniqueness of each piece and can add a lot of personal meaning. If you have flowers from a special day why not enquire about Nikki turning them into a glass ornament that you can enjoy day after day. 


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