Simone Potter Ceramics

Simone Potter Ceramics

  Simone Potter

Simone makes handmade pottery on the wheel.  She explores simple forms and their function as elegant ceramics for every day use. 

Simone works in light and dark stoneware and mixes different clays to create fired stoneware bodies that echo the tone and texture of spalted wood or striated rock. She is inspired by the overlap of geology, physics and chemistry with pottery, in particular the physical and chemical constituents of clay bodies and glazes and their behaviour during the firing process. 

Her working practices are designed around minimising waste and optimising energy efficiency. She reconstitutes clay slops and turning waste in her wheel basin into re-usable clay and adopts cleaning systems that re-use and recycle water while responsibly disposing of clay and glaze waste. She has also invested in an energy efficient modern electric kiln to maximise the energy efficiency of each firing. 

As well as making pottery, Simone plays and composes music for the viola, piano and cello as a member of Tout, an instrumental band whose music is released by Trestle Records.

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