Something From The Turnery - Joel Atkins

Something From The Turnery - Joel Atkins

Something From The Turnery Something From The Turnery 

Traditionally crafted homeware with an attention to contemporary detail by designer/maker Joel Atkins. Hospitality is at the heart of the brand with functional pieces created for living spaces.

Something From The Turnery aims to put you in touch with a range of beautiful timbers, sustainably sourced, reclaimed and repurposed as lasting pieces for your home. “Balancing a childhood in rural Lincolnshire and more recent years living in Manchester, I’m drawn to the workshop as an escape from high speed everything! There’s something deeply peaceful about working with my hands and finding form within gnarled pieces of timber given a new purpose”.

Aside from using all natural, low impact finishes (like hemp oil grown here in the UK) Joel has embarked on a slow, satisfying journey in storing locally felled trees and allowing them to dry ahead of using the timber for future works. “I love that the raw materials will be ready when they’re ready! It interrupts throw away culture and creates a respect for the time it took for these beautiful trees to grow.” With traditional woodturners on both sides of the family, Joel sees Something From The Turnery as his time to add chapters to the story.

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