Tammy Crawford-Rolt

Tammy Crawford-Rolt


Tammy is a designer/maker who handcrafts custom furniture, the Trio Collection and other bespoke projects for community spaces, independent organisations and individuals.

The wood she uses for the Trio Collection and other small commissions is either reclaimed from other local carpenters, local timber merchants or from Bristol’s not-for-profit wood recycling project. Working with these eco-friendly materials, Tammy designs and creates bespoke pieces.

From a young age, Tammy always enjoyed making things and being practical.  She would invent designs, was fascinated by nature, particularly woodlands, and was always making things with bits and pieces.  As a teenager she became particularly interested in architecture, landscape and interior design.

This led her to study Art, Design & the Environments; Spatial Design at Central Saint Martins in London.  She was drawn to working on community, public and outdoor spaces, transforming 2D drawings into 3D objects through play.  She became obsessed with natural Scandinavian design and organic materials such as wood.

In 2015 Tammy moved to Bristol and this is when she honed in on her passion and path to become a Designer/Maker using wood.

Tammy strongly believes in supporting local resources, the quality and labour of love in handmade items.  She feels that items should be long term investments, crafted and cared for with the intent to become antiques.  She also believe in the ability of plants to enhance both the natural environment and our well-being, particularly in urban landscapes. Tammy's work brings vegetation inside, and supports people to flourish and grow outside.

Whenever designing and making something, Tammy aims to be as responsible and sustainable as possible.  By carefully selecting materials, reducing waste, reusing and foraging things that would otherwise be scrapped, Tammy tries to make her work tread lightly on the planet.

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