TANAKA - Leonara Manyangadze

TANAKA - Leonara Manyangadze

Tanaka Soaps - Superfoods Tanaka - Leonara Manyangadze

Leonara Manyangadze is the maker behind and founder of TANAKA soaps. Tanaka (n.) [tah-nah-kah] is a Zimbabwean Shona name, it means we are good and it is this sentiment that guides Leonara and where her mission stems and originates from. Tanaka soaps are made to benefit the health and feel of our skin, they boost wellbeing and lower our plastic use. Leonara first started making soaps for herself as a hobby, she was becoming more mindful of herself, her health, her body and what she was putting in/on it! 

Through soap making, Leonara uses a lot of natural ingredients and experiments with her scents and blends. She uses ingredients that naturally have pigments in them which gives the amazing range of colours in her collections. Each bar of soap is created with the use of butters and oils which gives a very moisturizing and conditioning result that you can lather up and create stable bubbles. Every part of the process is rooted in nature and the natural world so you will never find SLS, parabens ,synthetics or palm oil in TANAKA soaps. 

TANAKA soaps are made using the cold-process method, created in small batches, the soap is made, cured and packaged in the same place and is inspected for the highest quality at each stage. The packaging is glassine paper which is non-toxic, plastic-free and fully compostable - another fantastic eco alternative to traditional packaging. So whether you have decided to ditch the liquid soaps for good or opting for soap over shower gels, you can be sure TANAKA soaps are a great alternative, they are multi-purpose and kind to all skin types.

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