Tip Studio - Daisy

Tip Studio - Daisy


Using mainly waste or found objects as a starting point, Daisy creates refined, hand-cast, sculptural vessels from Jesmonite - an environmentally low impact, composite material consisting of a natural mineral stone and water-based binder.  

It is the transformative effect of the Jesmonite and Process on an otherwise waste or low value material which contributes to her continuing practice.  She is interested in investigating the limits of the material; exploring how refined it can be in both section and finish, how materials which are raw and broken can be transformed, via process, into a surface completely different to the component parts, how much the materials included within the pieces can appear altered.

Daisy’s work and Tip Studio centres on the reuse of waste materials and their integration with Jesmonite, using them in a way that adds a refined and high quality finish to the vessels and imbues them with patterns and textures evocative of abstract natural landscapes.  The ethos behind her work and the textures contained within the pieces invoke a different connection with each viewer; through touch, an interest in the environmental interest, or the impression or memory of a landscape or place.

Favourite material: Jesmonite (naturally!) and also terracotta

Forms, shapes, things that inspire: Waste objects with an interesting shape - what she can turn their shape into

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