Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Hello :) Welcome to Prior, where we're all about independent and handmade products of the highest quality. We're not just your average shop - we're a campaign for social good and retail transparency. Our goal is to bring the best handmade, local, and responsibly-made home and lifestyle products to mainstream retail, all while ensuring we do our best to not harm people or the environment. We're here to revolutionise the shopping experience, making it kind, considerate, and transparent.

We're proud to be a hub of creativity, showcasing over 150 small independent brands in a corporate shopping area. We go beyond trendy contemporary designs and carefully hand-pick products based on quality, locality, and conscious manufacturing. We want to show that sustainable products aren't just about being overtly green or using recycled materials - they can be stylish and innovative too. Handmade work is not just a hobby craft; it's a testament to the passion and skill of talented artisans.

Our vision for Prior Shop is to be one of the most authentic, agile, connected, and trustworthy retail destinations. We never stop learning and constantly strive to improve everything we do. But it doesn't end there - we're also dedicated to supporting our local designers and community. All the profits we make are invested in charities and projects that create real positive change. We dream of funding programs in schools and offering accredited design courses in-house, all focused on the things we're truly passionate about.

When it comes to our values, being personal and friendly is high up on our list of To Do's. We believe in kindness, support, and making everyone involved in the Prior experience feel better for being a part of it. We also value reliability and transparency. We understand the trust that designers place in us when they share their creations, so we want our customers to know the origins of our products, the materials used, and that we prioritise their safety and the environment. We're not perfect, but we're committed to continuous improvement and self-appraisal. 

At Prior, we want to inspire change. We're challenging the status quo of big retailers by promoting local, quality, and responsible design. We're not bound by convention; we're here to lead the way and show how business can be done differently.

We're an optimistic and passionate team. Our enthusiasm is boundless, and we're determined to showcase, grow, and bring independent, high-quality, sustainable, transparent, and beautifully designed home and lifestyle products into the mainstream.

Relationships built on trust are really important to us. Whether it's the local designers we stock, our community and customers, the small businesses we support, our dedicated staff team, or the charities and projects we fund, people are at the heart of everything we do. We want to bring people together and break the mould of conventional retail for the benefit of social good.

So, the next time you're in Bristol, pop into Cabot Circus and experience Prior - where shopping becomes an act of kindness and creativity, and where every purchase contributes to making a positive difference in the world.

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