A Sense of Belonging | Thursday 4th August -  Wednesday 31st August 2022

A Sense of Belonging | Thursday 4th August - Wednesday 31st August 2022

Thursday 4th August -  Wednesday 31st August 2022

We are thrilled to announce our new exhibition, A Sense of Belonging, curated by Stacey Olika, celebrating the work of six local artists based in Bristol. 

The exhibition is an ode to the movers, the shakers and the creative thinkers.

The art of these local creatives has been profoundly shaped by an exploration of heritage and identity. Issues pertaining to belonging, representation, and change is at the heart of their pieces.

For many of these Bristol-based artists, they have created art that speaks to them. In doing so, they have begun to carve their own lane, which not only breeds authenticity, but also inspires many to do the same.

What all of the artists represented here share is the belief that art can and should serve as a catalyst for conversation and, ultimately, change.

We welcome you to take a deep dive into the minds of today’s creatives and see the world from their perspective.

The official launch is the 4th August, however feel free to come from the 15th July for a sneak peek! The exhibition will run until 31st August. 

It is located in the exhibition space at our Quakers Friars store. 


Abbi Bayliss

Leila ElManfaa           

Parys Gardener

Lucy J Turner

Jaz Thompson

Stacey Olika 

Lead Curator: Stacey Olika