Places of Joy | Saturday 15th - Saturday 29th October 2022

Places of Joy | Saturday 15th - Saturday 29th October 2022

Saturday 15th - Saturday 29th October 2022

Private view: 15th October

Places of Joy is a joint exhibition of artwork by Sky Siouki and Harriet Popham hosted at Prior Shop, Bristol. 

Sky Siouki and Harriet Popham each create imaginative scenes that celebrate animals and architecture using paint and ink. Both of their work is fuelled by their inspiration from the places they depict but also by their love of the creative process itself.

Methods of Making

When painting and drawing, or carving and printing, Sky and Harriet are each immersed within their very own happy place.

Sky’s places are ethereal, abstract landscapes created using layered textures in mixed media and oil paint. Her paintings are of imagined places inspired by nature and often become habitats for her intricate wildlife illustrations.

Harriet’s places are illustrative and often celebrate the pattern and form found within architecture and decorative objects. Each of her lino prints are reminiscent of a special trip or moment in time. Intricate details are carved within bold silhouettes.

Both artists studied textile design as is apparent through their eye for composition and colour. The two of them came together a few years ago through a shared love of each other’s work, only to find they’ve formed a cherished friendship and now support each other in their lives and careers.

When is it on?

This exhibition will open for a private viewing on the 15th October, and will run for two weeks. 

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