Creative Community Hub

Creative Community Hub

Since opening the shop at Cabot Circus our goal has always been for it to be more than *just* a shop.

We had grand aspirations from the start, basically, but the retail space took longer to master than we first thought. It’s a huge space and learning how to efficiently manage the stock, communication and e-commerce for that amount of products was no mean feat.

Energy prices are affecting all of us!

But the current energy crisis has forced us to move much faster than we had been. Now we face crippling price increases in overheads and lower customer spending so it’s time to add more fuel to the fire and pull out all the stops to make the unit a multi-use space.

Adapt and Evolve

We called out to newsletter and social media subscribers and asked for their thoughts and we are implementing the below courses, markets and multi-use spaces to make use of our big footprint. We hope you find something which catches your eye below, and if there's something you'd like to see us use our space for that we currently don't, hit us up at with your suggestions!

Yoga classes 

We have been talking to four yoga and wellness teachers and are currently planning the schedule of classes. There will be weekday mornings and evenings. As soon as they are available to book we will send out an email and post on our socials.

Meet the Makers Market

The area at the back of the shop is used for workshops and exhibitions. It’s a huge space measuring 8 metres by nearly 7 metres. It has always been a plan for us to host indoor monthly markets and now it’s actually happening. We heavily rely on word of mouth marketing so please shout from the rooftops. Come and meet the makers behind the creation and help support keep their business going. More information can be found (here).

Prior Swap

Join us for monthly swap events. Each event will be themed and you will be able to swap records, clothes, plants, craft materials, fabric and other items based on that month's theme. We will announce dates on our socials and in upcoming newsletters. If you have any ideas or input about this event please let us know!

Wine and Cheese Tasting nights (with live music)

We are hoping to get one per month booked in, in the lead up to Christmas. We are already in touch with a few cheese makers, local wine producers and bands! More details coming soon.

Business Support

We are working on regular sessions led by experienced business leaders. Expect workshops, discussions and monthly groups where we can all work on content, marketing, website etc together. Like a creche. But for business-owners. 

Private Events

We are working on a brochure for those looking for staff socials, teambuilding or celebration space (hen parties, birthdays etc). The brochure will have a list of workshops and information. You just choose your date and workshops - we’ll do the rest - if you would like to know more about this brochure please email and you will be added to our list of people to send our brochure to!

Hire Our Space

You know that you can hire out all of our space for your own event? You can hire our workshop space to run your workshops, our gallery space if you are an artist, our events space if you have a launch, rehearsal, performance or talk, you can hire our desk space if you are fed up working from home, and we have a photography studio with professional lights for you to use hire too. For more information email