FREE Mini Aloe Vera if you shop in-store

FREE Mini Aloe Vera if you shop in-store

Advert for a Free Aloe Vera plant with every in-store purchase

In April, we purchased hundreds of little plants for the Priormade vessels and Elho recycled plastic pots. In the past we'd only stock a few trays of succulents as we were able to purchase them locally, but because of Brexit, we've had to source directly from Holland.The plant quality is incredible however the order comes with a minimum order amount, and that amount is £1,000. Yep. £1000 worth of succulents and cacti arrived on our doorstep! It was a serious indoor jungle in here for a while!

Due to the incredible heat here in Bristol, our Mini Aloe Vera's have grown too big for posting and need new homes to be repotted. Usually we sell them for only £3.50 each but because they need new homes asap, I'm giving them away for free!

Every customer that comes into our little independent shop in Bristol, will get a FREE baby Aloe Vera with every purchase. This same offer applies to Click & Collect customers and also those selecting our local 'while-Bristol-covid-cases-are-crazy-high' FREE delivery service.  

Mini Aloe Vera's nursery pot measures 55mm in diameter.