Show Love, Shop Small on Shop Independent Day!

Show Love, Shop Small on Shop Independent Day!

On Saturday the 25th June, it's Shop Independent Day! Organised by the truly unique force of nature that is Holly Tucker, it's a day to celebrate small businesses, and share the love - not only in recognition of the vitality they bring to our communities, but also to celebrate the diversity, strength and passion they inject into the high street. Small businesses, unite! 

The Shop Independent Campaign includes some fantastic art by Rebecca Strickson, such as this amazingly bold and colourful graphic poster that we love so much we've plastered all over Bristol. Have you seen one yet? Tag us on Insta if you come across one. 

We all know that the cost of living crisis is in full effect, and that this past year has been particularly tricky for everyone. But this 25th June, we want to encourage people to vote with their money, and to advocate for the kind of world we want to live in - with bustling local high streets that are sustainable, adaptable, and creative. Why, you ask, should we open our pockets again? Well, here's a handful of top facts to have a lil' read of - because who doesn't love some factoids?

1. 1/3 of small businesses in the UK are female-founded - so by supporting small businesses, you're supporting women (our team at Prior is fully female-staffed, which is pretty sweet if I do say so myself). 

2. For every £1 you spend in a small business, 63p of that pound remains in the local economy! That money is used for a million different things - to buy school shoes, to do a weekly shop, to pay the rent on the building the business is in - the list goes on!

3. Small businesses generate almost a trillion pounds for the UK economy every year - believe it or not, we need them. 

4. Small businesses make up 99.9% of UK companies, employing millions - so their collective successes and failures affect us all.

So - in honour of the Shop Independent Campaign, we want to offer our wonderful customers some *exclusive* offers - to say thank you for your unwavering support over the last few years, and to hopefully entice you to vote with your purses. Now, we don't usually do this sort of thing - in fact, we believe our products are priced exactly right. Our makers set their own prices of the products, our staff are paid a living wage, and the stock we sell is made with high-quality materials, and built to last. 

However, just this one time...

10% off store-wide, for all purchases over £40 - for one day, and one day only - Saturday 25th June. 

This offer will automatically be applied at checkout. No discount code needed. Offer begins 25/06/22 at 00.01am and ends at 11.59pm. Set those alarms to avoid missing out!

It's on us. To say thank you for your kindness, integrity and endless support. So go on - if you've been eyeing up something lovely for a while, Saturday's your chance to make that investment. 

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