The Autumn Edit - cosy up and snuggle down with handpicked pieces to bring calm and warmth

The Autumn Edit - cosy up and snuggle down with handpicked pieces to bring calm and warmth

As we move into cool, crispy mornings and softly dark evenings, we’re all looking for a bit of comfort wherever we can find it. And at Prior Shop we know that it’s a tough time for us all at the moment - financially, emotionally, you name it. So what could be better than a concise list of lovely things to peruse - to help you adjust to the new season with a sense of warmth and comfort (and maybe some energy saving tips along the way).

Energy-saving light bulbs

A super quick and satisfying way to save yourself some pennies. Not only are they good for your purse and the environment, the ones we stock are also - dare we say it ourselves - beautiful. Soft lighting can change the entire feel of a room and changing glaring overhead spotlights to something softer and calmer is a no-brainer on so many fronts.


Make Do and Mend

Onto perhaps a blazingly obvious one: mending and patching up clothing is far cheaper than buying new, but if you’re going to buy something this autumn, you’d do well to do some research about it first, and invest wisely in a natural textile product with a high percentage of wool to keep you snug. Our Herringbone blankets are 70% recycled wool and 30% recycled mixed fibres, and are wonderfully soft. Wool is a fantastic biodegradable natural resource, and when dyed and woven into these blankets, makes a splendidly soft and cosy piece to snuggle up with on the sofa.

A beautiful pile of recycled wool herringbone blankets

Diffuse the Joy 

Instead of candles, have you considered scenting your home with diffusers instead? Longer lasting than candles, and with a high scent throw, they can provide a constantly beautiful home fragrance for a calming and restorative space, flame-free. Great for homes with small children or animals likely to bump into your candles!

Boucle Reed Diffuser

Snuggle Up

Cherry stone thermal pillows have been a long-standing tradition in Swiss homes for generations, a delightful innovation using natural materials to promote long-lasting warmth without turning on the heating. Even better than that, you don’t just have to heat them up in the oven, you can also just pop them in the microwave for a minute for immediate snugliness. Not just perfect for reducing aches and pains, but also ideal for popping under your jumper and carrying around like a kangaroo. Love it. 
Warmlii cherry stone thermal pillows

Knitwear to calm and comfort

Keeping your extremities warm is a surefire way to heat up your whole body. Hats, socks and gloves and mittens can keep you cosy without having to turn on the heating, and although wearing gloves inside might seem a bit impractical, we’ve got a delightful array of fingerless gloves that won’t prevent you from getting stuff done around the house. In a range of natural materials and colours, they’re soft and gentle on your palms whilst - hopefully - making your day a little bit brighter, too.

Ria Burns fingerless gloves


Stay warm out there and look after yourself,

Prior Team x