Our Story

PRIOR SHOP is an award winning not-for-profit independent shop, workshop space, gallery and community hub in Bristol's City Centre.

We are committed to providing you with lifestyle products that will last a long time and that are consciously created. We want to ensure that everything we does not have a negative impact on the environment and has a huge positive impact for our wider community; including wellbeing, equality and human rights.

I opened this Not For Profit shop in April 2019 with the following aims:

1. A retail shop that provides a platform for modern, high quality homewares and accessories that are consciously and responsibly made (by hand), from small independent brands.

2. A community hub for local designers and artists to connect, share and learn. 

3. A place for the local community, Bristol residents and tourists to learn product design, manufacturing skills and craft.

4. To work share the opportunity with others - particularly those under represented in the arts.

4. To expand my in-house manufacturing of my own brand, Priormade


Not For Profit

100% of the profits that we make is fed back into community workshop provision, local artists to enable collaborations and growth, charity support and more. Every January we will announce where the profits are being spent. 

In 2011 started making eco conscious products using recycled and reclaimed materials as Priormade.

I am passionate about sustainable design that doesn't compromise the quality of the product. My design focus was contemporary, bold and minimal; obsessed with Bauhaus/ Mid century Modern design of clean lines against geometric and organic forms. At the time so many sustainably made products looked recycled; they had a 'hippy' and overly ‘green’  aesthetic about them. Recycled creations were seen as hobbiest and crafty. I wanted to create products that were high quality and long lasting, a range that would sit comfortably on the shelves of any luxury department store. I wanted to change common opinion and highlight that responsibly designed products can be more valuable, well made and modern than those made irresponsibly. As my products evolved and developed, as did the need for a bigger workshop. In January 2019 I moved into 58 West Street, a charming but run down retail unit in Old Market. Perfect for both a new studio/workshop and a shop.

I was able to do this because of the incredible people that supported a Crowdfunder campaign, where I sold my Priormade work discounted as the 'rewards'.

I have a list of all the people that contributed written on the wall of the shop. Every time I open up, I am still blown away with how supportive and kind people are. 

Over the last 9 years of Priormade I've met some incredible makers at various fairs and events i've traded at. When opening this shop I wanted to share the space with other makers who also make responsibly made work. 

It is impossible to be 100% ethical and sustainable but we represent designers who make responsible choices with materials, processes, sourcing and packaging throughout their business.  I ask each designer/maker to fill out a form outlining how they create their work, who their suppliers are and how they manage their waste so I can honestly vouch for their eco credentials. I want our customers to know that this is guaranteed for anything they buy in the shop. 

It’s been a success and both the local community and further afield enjoy shopping with us. We all have become much more aware of climate change and making more ethical and sustainable choices, yet it still makes me smile when I tell surprised customers what things are made from.

People are now much more invested into the history of how things are made and the artist. Covid has been an odd one that’s for sure, but it has fuelled a change in shopping behaviour that had already begun. People really want to purchase things that are unique and long lasting, products made with care and intent.

To meet the makers - click here 

Thank you for shopping with us. 🧡




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