My Bear Hands - Sally

My Bear Hands - Sally

My Bear Hands - Ecosilver Earrings  My Bear Hands

Meet Sally who makes contemporary jewellery in her home studio in Bristol UK. The main ethos behind myBearHands and Sally is that her creations are kind to the planet and have as low a negative environmental impact as possible. 

Sally uses recycled silver which means no new metals are mined for her collections to be made. All packaging materials are recycled and chosen for their ability to be recycled again quickly and easily. Every business decision made takes the environment into account, keeping sustainability at the core and striving to be as responsible, sustainable and ethical as possible. 

Coming from a background in illustration Sally’s practice has changed over the years, evolving with each new skill honed and idea tried out. The move to working solely with recycled metals was a combination of furthering her metal working skills and her personal concern for the future of our ecosystem and planet.


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