A Sustainable Way To Shop House Plants and Homewares In Bristol's City Centre

A Sustainable Way To Shop House Plants and Homewares In Bristol's City Centre

Mint Plants and Prior Shop have combined forces to bring Cabot Circus a unique and sustainable way to shop house plants and homewares. 

Selling plants is a questionable service. 

They are so green, so natural and are literally the cover image of all things "eco", but how large and established plants get into the UK (yep the vast majority of indoor plants that we sell in the UK are driven over from Holland in diesel lorries) isn't very 'green'. Large plants are grown in resource-intensive nurseries needing strict light, water and temperature management; potted into plastic pots, packaged on big diesel lorries, in plastic crates. 

To add to this, supermarkets buy in huge bulk to get the price down and then keep plants in cold dark warehouses. The waste is super high as these unloved plants are discarded in the warehouse or after a long stint of sitting on a shelf.


PRIOR has collaborated with Mint Plants who will be moving into their huge independent superstore, in Quakers Friars on the 2nd of February. They will bring Cabot Circus an incredible jungle of GIANT rescued cacti, succulents and statement plants, plus a collection of smaller nursery plants.

Mint Plants is a Bristol born plant shop run by Hayley and Mama T and has been established since September 2018. They love the weird, the wonderful and the unwanted. All of their large, established plants come from private collectors all across the UK, with tons of prior history. Once they save these precious plants, their small team re-pots, rehabs and resells each one, shipping them to all corners of the country with a little label of the plant's journey in the world so far. Hayley is passionate and determined to save as many pre-owned plants as possible, giving established plants a new lease of life! 

What it means to be a ‘good’ business is rapidly changing. It’s not enough to purely be financially viable: if it’s taking up space on the high street, it needs to provide value to its community and the environment too.

PRIOR a not-for-profit retail shop situated in the throng of Cabot Circus, has become a Bristol Institution and a home of independents. Founder Beck Prior is an unstoppable force and has fiercely championed small businesses and collaborations for over a decade. Beck is passionate about positive, sustainable and supportive experiences for the whole community, and PRIOR is at the heart. 

From spearheading the Shop Bristol Directory to leading a photography project that showcased the 60 businesses in Old Market; from co-running the Shop Indie social media campaign and offering countless advice to fellow small businesses during Brexit, Covid and more, Beck has become a beacon of inspiration for small businesses.

Mint Plant’s first shop was on Stapleton Road, Easton and PRIOR’s first shop was in Old Market; they have combined forces to bring something very exciting to Bristol’s Cabot Circus. Join the quest of these two powerful and determined women who are shaking up the status quo of retail.

For every £1 spent in an independent business, 52p stays within the local economy - so by local people supporting the shop, the income is recycled directly back into our city's wellbeing.


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