Studio Fae - Katie

Studio Fae - Katie


Studio Fae was started as a way for Katie to express her creativity - without being confined to a brief, like she often is in her day job bring a graphic designer! She started experimenting with creating abstract collages. Mixing traditional print methods with bold paper craft and hand painted patterns, she found this to be a really satisfying way to work. She often incorporates the use of textures found in natural forms and contrast them with spontaneous marks and patterns. Once a final collage is created, the Designer in Katie then works into them digitally, tweaking and refining until she’s got the balance just right. 

Although most of her work is print-based, her favourite medium to work in is clay, there’s nothing more relaxing than smoothing, moulding and working with her hands. Printing ink and using her  little roller are pretty high up there too, the shapes and textures that come from it are completely unique every time and Katie loves that. 

Katie draws inspiration from the delicate designs found in nature, veins on a leaf, ripples in the sea, and rock formations. Looking at abstract artists, 3D designers, and textiles from around the world always make her feel invigorated to get creative too.


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