knots and shots

Macrame - The Historic Art Of Knot Work

Macrame is an ancient craft which is believed to date back as early as the 17th century BC.

The earliest uses include decorative fringes and edging on larger woven textile such as shawls, blankets and rugs.

Macrame made its way around the world with sailors who were adept macrame makers going from port to port trading their wares and makes. The craft evolved and grew as people found more and more uses for it, curtains, clothing, jewellery, wall art, plant hangers.. the list goes on!

It saw its heyday in the 1970's when it is said that most houses in Europe and north America had some form of macrame. After 60 years of it being 'out of fashion' I think its safe to say that it is back!


knots and shots

My Practice

All my pieces are designed and created by me in my home studio in Bristol, UK.
There are no tools involved, just my hands and some string! The set up is quite basic; it includes a clothing rail which means I can stand while making giving me the space to make larger pieces and big wall hangings.

One of the things I love about macrame is how simple and accessible a craft it is, all you really need is some string !

I use a variety of types of twine including jutes, cottons and recycled t-shirt yarns in a very wide range of colours. Using different materials along with different knotting techniques not only keeps things fresh but means I offer a wide range of designs and styles too. From traditional to more modern takes; I try to provide something for all tastes and decor schemes. Different knotting styles can give quite different finishes to a piece and although there are lots of knots out there the majority of macrame is created just using one or two fundamental knots and a couple of variations of them. When learning it is so fascinating to see how similar techniques can give very different results. 


knots and shots

 Time for making!

Macrame is a relaxing and therapeutic craft that keeps your hands busy and gives your mind time to rest. If you would like some macrame or know someone that would there is nothing more satisfying than making it yourself. Why not give it a go and learn about the basic knotting techniques of this historic craft with one of my beginners macrame kits.


 - Jen: Knots and Shots

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